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To embrace young ladies from within the church, and surrounding communities. 

Encouraging them to develop their total women, so that they are able to live a pure life. To be great business women, respectful daughters, loving mothers, and dependable sisters.  To structure each one’s character, confidence and self-esteem so that the dynamics of the world will not force them to accept what it has to offer, but will become a realized force, causing those that come in contact with them to adapt to their rule. 


Teaching them through:  Education, Demonstration, Motivation, and utilizing the mentor and protege model with biblical principles and experienced guidance.


Young ladies being prepared to valuably contribute to the surrounding community…..

Core Values: 

Loyal  –  Not easily turned away from what you believe.

Dependable  – To be one that your sister can count on.

Honest  – Able to trust yourself and others for what you see (The Truth is Right Before your Eyes)

Compassionate  – To be able to reach one that is not as fortunate as you are, to help make them better.

Courageous  – To be bold enough to be satisfied with who you are despite what others say.

Celibate  –  To Be Sold out to a decision you make to respect yourself.

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