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Our Mission:
The mission of the New Day Learning Extension Center is to provide a safe, individualized, encouraging environment to help foster the five core expectations of being respectful, responsible, safe, problem solvers and learners. We promote school success daily, leading students to become independent and productive members of society.

Our Vision:
The New Day L.E.C will continue to develop and provide creative, efficient and customized educational services to our students. We aspire to create opportunities for students to become successful, independent, productive, responsible young adults through a healthy, nurturing environment.

Our Beliefs:
We believe in…

  • Achievable expectations.

  • A positive approach for change.

  • Everyone having the potential to learn.

  • Inspiring others beyond their personal challenges.

  • Teaching socially appropriate behaviors.

  • Developing life long learners.

  • Dignity, worth and respect for all individuals/cultures.

Vida S.jpg

Ms. Veda Smith Lindsey 

Administrative Program Director 

Kia S.jpg

Ms. Kia Woodward  

Administrative Assistant 

Grant Coordinator 



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